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How can I fix my hot tub? Why isn't my spa heater working? Why is my gfi breaker flipping? Why is my spa water dirty? These questions and more answered below. Troubleshoot a spa problem!

Enjoy time with your family in your hot tub. With 24/7 Tech Support, our technicians have access to decades of spa repair experience.

We have Repair Technicians for the following items: Hot Tubs, Spas and Swim Spas

Licensed plumbers and electricians are available for dispatch every day of the week.

We have non retail offices in Charleston SC and are therefore able to provide local service to Summerville, Mount Pleasant, James Island, Folly Beach, Isle of Palms, West Ashley. Moncks Corner and Goose Creek Charleston South Carolina Office.

Carolina Spa Guy does not have a retail store - we are a repair company and only includes parts in our service as related to our repairs. We do not sell parts retail. We do not want to compete against the companies that give us our business. Our techs are well trained in all forms of hot tub service and spa repair. Our company focus is to repair hot tubs. We fix spas. Do you want a jack leg to fix the hot tub? or a pro to fix your spa?

Anyone can move hot tubs or repair spas by guessing and part swapping, but there are very few that can diagnose the issue down to a single switch or relay AND fix that part on site. Did you know there are hundreds of ways to move a hot tub.

Carolina Spa Guys are well trained in all forms of hot tub service and hot tub repairs. Our techs have access to over 40,000 hot tub parts that ship same day - we can provide hot tub repair or hot tub installation guidance. Whether you call it a hottub, hottubs, hott tub, or spa, make Carolina spa guy your spa guy.

Call today so you can appreciate truly professional service. 


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Carolina Spa Guy offers Spa Repair service in the Carolinas.
Call us at 843-647-2102.

The rental hottub took nearly 50 hours to heat up but David was so nice, he even drove out to double check everything and was just a text message away all weekend. We had a blast. Thanks for everything!

N.K. - Folly Beach

Amazing, I purchased a spa from a Coast Spa dealer in North Carolina. David handled the repairs quickly and efficiently. Thanks for my tub back.

J.H. - Charleston

  I never thought I would get the water in my hot tub right - but David was patient enough to teach me.  Now it is a breeze. 

B.J. - Hanahan

They worked around my schedule and were there when they said they would be.  I cant believe how quick they were.  It was up and running within 20 minutes. I wish I had called them first.

 R.M. - Hanahan

I always had a bad taste in my mouth about the dealer until we were introduced to My Spa Guys - they are awesome and made me feel great about my choice. 

J.P. Mt. Pleasant

I expected empty promises (like I got from the dealer) but just the opposite - great things happened and in record time. Best two hundred bucks I ever spent.

Anon. St. George

Extremely professional and polite. Could not have had nicer people.  Fixed the issues my husband spent a week trying to fix in less than an hour.

C.M. J.Island

We couldnt find anyone to fix our hottub.  My spa guy drove and resolved the issue within 20 minutes.  These guys are awesome.

A.N. M.Beach

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We service, move, install and repair Hot Tubs, Spas, Pools, Saunas, Steam Showers, tanning beds Pool tables. We have a team of trained technicians. We have specialized hot tub and spa equipment to move or relocate hot tubs in a safe manner. Our technicians are able to repair spas quickly and safely. We stock most replacement parts for tanning beds and saunas.


I am having problems with my spa - what can I do?
Nothing on the spa operates as it should
1. Check the control panel display for any messages. If there is a message, refer to the diagnostic section on that model spa. There you will find the meaning of the message and what action is to be taken.
2. If there is no message on your control panel, check and reset the GFCI* and house breaker. (*The GFCI should be located in a weatherproof box within sight of the spa, but no closer than 5 ft.)
3. If the spa does not respond, contact us.
Pump(s) do not operate
1. Press the “Jets” button on your control panel.
If you hear the pumps trying to operate:
A. Check that all the slice valves are open.
B. Pump may need to be primed.
C. Check that the air controls are open.
If you do not hear anything from the pump, contact us.

Poor jet performance even when the pump is on high
1. Make sure pump is operating.
2. Check that the water level is adequate (up to minimum safe water level side).
3. Make sure the jets are open and the air controls are open.
4. Check for dirty filters. Clean if necessary.

Spa not heating like it used to
* If the spas heater has failed, the majority of the time it will trip the GFCI breaker. If the spa is not heating and has not tripped the breaker, please follow these steps:
1. Check the control panel for diagnostic messages. (Refer to your spa models diagnostic message area in the owners manual.) Follow steps to alleviate message.

2. Check water set temperature at control panel.

3. Check for dirty filters. Clean if necessary.

4. Check “heat mode” the spa is set in. Spa should be in standard mode.

5. Check the control panel for heater light indicator and/or thermometer icon. If the light is on or the indicator icon is moving, the spa should be heating. Wait a reasonable amount of time (approximately 1 hour) to see if the water temperature is changing.

6. Check to make sure that the pump is primed and all slice valves are open.

7. Reset power to the spa at GFCI breaker.

8. If spa is still not heating, contact us for service.

My Hot Tub GFCI is tripping, what can i do to determine why it is tripping?
The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is required, by NEC code (National Electrician Code), for your protection. The tripping of the GFCI may be caused by a component on the spa or by an electrical problem. Such electrical problems include, but are not limited to, a faulty GFCI breaker, power fluctuations, or a mis-wire. It may be necessary to contact us to come out and correct this issue.

Don't throw your hard earned money away on unprofessional, untrained and improperly equipped spa technicians that don't even have a license. Our techs have thousands of hours of hands on experience and can typically repair your hot tub or spa in just one trip.

If you just purchased a new or used hot tub / spa and want it brought out by trained technicians that care, contact us at 888-my-spa-guy

We won't make you feel rushed or un-important.
Mention this website and receive 2 free hours of over the phone tech support for your chemical needs with any paid service.


That's right - over $150 of free tech support just for telling us where you heard about us.

If you are purchasing a used spa, we will be happy to come out and inspect the spa for quality and longevity or give free phone advice if you agree to allow us to move it for you. With delivery fees as low as $160 per leg, give us a call. you wont regret it.

We are here in the Carolinas for the long haul.

Call us today at 888-my-spa-guy or via EMAIL: with your name and phone number. If requested, you will be called within an hour by our on call technician. Emails without phone numbers will be ignored. Thanks and our schedule is constantly changing. Please use our online interactive scheduling calendar.

REQUESTING A QUOTE? Please submit photos so we can see what we are dealing with. The fewer surprises we have - the fewer you have for any of the following: Hot tubs, Steam Showers, Saunas, Pools, Tanning Beds



Spa Delivery Services for New or Used Spa Purchases
We’ll deliver the spa you ordered or move the spa you currently have…… call us at 888-My-Spa-Guy. All technicians are professionally trained and have specially designed equipment to move and deliver hot tubs safely to any location. Even unique deliveries (deliveries that require a crane) are not unique to us.

Delivery and Set Up of New or Used Spas. Let us take the hassle out of your installation
If you recently ordered a hot tub on-line or from a big box retailer and it is sitting in your driveway or in a warehouse. Give us a call ..... We will provide a free estimate to install your spa where you want it. Every phone estimate is approximate; however, exact estimates with a site visit are available for a nominal fee.

Drop Ship Delivery - Purchased a spa online? Let us move it into place and install it for you.


Are you a do-it-yourselfer and your new spa just needs to be picked up or taken from a truck bed and delivered to your driveway? Call us - we handle all drop-ship delivery requests.
Spa Moves

If you currently own a hot tub and you need to have it moved, give us a call. We can move hot tubs anywhere in South Carolina or simply move it from your patio to your deck. All spas are moved by our factory trained professional movers who will handle your hot tub with care and safety. Call us at 888-My-Spa-Guy to get a free phone estimate for moving your hot tub.We maintain just about every part needed to make most repairs and can typically have your tub up and running within one visit. Whether it is a motor, pump, blower, turbo, lighting, filtration, maintenance or other issue you don't want to fool with give us a call, we are experienced with all major issues of hot tub failure and can even help instruct you on chemical usage.

techs in Charleston & Hilton Head, we are available to service Most of Coastal South Carolina for service call & diagnostic fee of total of just $125 which includes the first hour of diagnostics

All New Spa Drop Ship Deliveries include:
1.Uncrating your spa
2. Inspecting it for damage
(If damaged - we will photograph and document to assist with claim.)
3. Installing it in your preferred location
(Yard, Patio, Balcony, Gazebo, Deck, Indoors, etc.)
4. An explanation of spas’ operation ... from settings to maintenance
5. Explaining how to properly maintain your hot tub
(From changing filters to preserving the exterior)
6. Follow-UP upon completion to ensure your satisfaction

NO MILEAGE CHARGES in SC for any repairs in covered areas - see map

We are a network of trained technicians devoted to providing high quality professional service.

We Maintain current Licenses to operate - Please let us know if you need specific info.

All of our techs maintain certifications and accreditation's from multiple major manufacturers and have training on just about all types of repairs.

Licensed master plumbers and electricians are available to assist on complex jobs. We have licensed Pool and Spa Operators for commercial applications.

888-697-7248 Toll Free 8am-8pm Mon-Sat.


843) 647-2102 Mt Pleasant, Isle of Palms, Sullivans Island, Daniels Island, Hanahan
James Island, Johns Island, Folly Beach, Wadmalaw, West Ashley, (Down Town) Charleston & North Charleston,  SC South Carolina

Mount Pleasant, Awendaw, Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach, Pawleys Island SC South Carolina

Summerville, Goose Creek, Moncks Corner & Ladson SC South Carolina


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Water Issues

Cloudy water Excessive organic contaminants or lack of sanitizer Shock treat with non-chlorine shock and adjust sanitizer level
Dissolved chemical solids Use clarifier to help remove small particles
pH balance or total alkalinity is incorrect Test total alkalinity and pH. Correct with pH increaser or pH decreaser.
Calcium too high (hard water) Use a sequestering agent weekly. Replace some water with softer water.
Dirty filter Clean filter with filter cartridge cleaner.
Chalky, white scale deposits Mineral deposits in water Use a sequestering agent. Check water balance and adjust as necessary.
Clear green water High iron or copper content Use a sequestering agent
Cloudy green water Low alkalinity level Use pH increaser
low sanitizer level Test sanitizer level, shock with non-chlorine shock
Brown water High iron or manganese level Use a sequestering agent
Chlorine odor Chloramines (combined chlorine level) is high. Shock with non-chlorine shock
Eye/skin irritation Organic contaminants, chloramines, or pH out of balance Shock with non-chlorine shock. Test and adjust pH level.
Foaming High concentration of chemicals due to evaporation and build-up of body oils, cosmetics and other contaminants Use foam reducer. Shock treat with non-chlorine shock. Use enzyme reducer weekly as part of regular maintenance
Pitting of metal fixtures pH too low Test and adjust pH and total alkalinity by adding pH up.
Total alkalinity too low

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This is very different from "it's getting a little bit warm". It could have the same cause, but a heating element is like a light bulb, it either works or it doesn't. If there's absolutely no heat the first thing to test is the heating element. IS IT GETTING ELECTRICITY? (Hint, if you have a 240v heater, you must test for 240 volts directly at the two terminals of the heater. Testing from one terminal to ground will give a proper reading even if the element is bad).


The element is getting electricity.

If the element is getting electricity the next test is an amp draw test. If you don't know how to perform an amp draw test call a qualified spa technician. Generally, a 120v heater should pull 10-12.5 amps and a 240 volt heater should pull 15-25 amps. If you're getting proper amperage draw, move on to "it's getting a little bit warm", below. If you're not getting any amperage draw, you have a bad heater element.


A perfect match is not always possible, and some differences are just fine. Some of the acceptable differences are;


  • Difference in physical length. A shorter element is ok, as long as the other specifications match up. A longer element may not fit the existing housing and may actually cause a fire.


  • Slight difference in kilowatt rating. A difference in "kw" rating of 1/2kw is perfectly acceptable. Frequently, a 6kw element will be replaced with a 5.5kw element.

The two most important things are;


  • How the element attaches to the heater housing - must be the same on the replacement unit. (some unusual or obsolete elements may require a different element along with an adapter). If your heater element is threaded, the picture below should give some guidance on sizing and measuring for replacements.


  • The voltage rating must be the same. An element rated for 120v only, cannot be used in place of a 240v element, however, an element rated for 240v can generally be use in place of a 120v element. Also the kW rating must be within half a KW or you risk a fire.





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Rent our spa moving &
delivery equipment

Proudly Serving all of

James Island, Folly Beach, West Ashley and Charleston South Carolina with technicians in

Charleston & Mt Pleasant SC

Technicians Serving
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We fix all Brands!

"Recognized as Consistently dependable in the South East."

What good is a Warranty if they won't return calls? MySpaGuy responds to all emails, Text Messages and phone messages within 8 business hours!

Over 18 years experience in Hot Tub, Sauna & Spa Repair



Great Warranty Service

 Posted by NASOCO


 These guys are Awesome! I called the manufacturer on Friday and was in my spa on Monday. David was very helpful. Their prices are very fair. I have no complaints. Thanks Dave, I highly recommend you! Thanks, G Naso

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Service Maps


Charleston SC and Surrounding


Charleston sc and Surrounding


There may be additional fees for areas outside of these service areas but not significant, just enough to cover our costs incurred in going out there. Since our trucks are stocked with most commonly replaced parts, we can typically complete repairs within one trip.


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